Rugged Computers for Logistics

Benefit from Efficient Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain that rugged computer tablets provide. For distributors of consumer packaged goods (CPGs), industrial packaged goods (IPGs), using rugged mobile computers to improve supply chain management from manufacturing to delivery results in satisfied customers, better insights into your workflow and improved product monitoring during transit.

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Rugged Computers for Warehousing

Rugged tablet computers have become indispensable tools for efficient warehousing. Rugged computers can be mounted  on forklifts, carts and truck dashboards or carried across warehouse floor without fear of damage from shocks or vibrations. Rugged tablets can be used in many applications as part of Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Rugged Computers for Industrial Manufacturing

In manufacturing rugged handheld computers can be used for inspection, quality and inventory control, machinery maintenance, and order tracking with immense benefits to manufacturers. Rugged tablets are small enough to be mobile, powerful enough to run ever-increasing amounts of data and big enough to get work done.

It highly benefits in optimized maintenance , more affordable industrial maintenance.

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Rugged Computers for Oil & Gas

Durable mobile computers are essential for petroleum and natural gas operations. Fieldworkers tasked with identifying, extracting, refining and transporting natural resources are using ultra-rugged field tablets and PDAs for tasks related to data collection, safety and compliance reporting, asset management, machine guidance, GPD and GIS, and equipment maintenance.

Rugged Computers for Military

Built for around-the-clock use in the worlds toughest environments, ultra-rugged tablets and PDAs provide powerful and durable computing for Coast Gaurds, Navy, Army, Air-Force and Marines. Military units can increase productivity and efficiency with leading edge mobile computers for data collection, navigation, training, communication and more. Plus, these mobility tools integrate the latest data security features to keep people and information safe.

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Rugged Computers for environmental expeditions

Environmental Scientists, researchers, explorers and other fieldworkers perform technical work in challenging environments. Handheld PDAs and tablets are all in one data collectors, measurement devices, field controllers, displays, navigation tools and communication devices. They make data collection easy with bright, large screens and fieldwork can go uninterrupted for as long as you need. Built in tools and instruments allow these computers to replace more smaller fragile devices in the field.

Rugged Computers for Construction

From heavy machinery to weather exposure, construction sites contain hazards that can jeopardize both construction workers and the technology they use. Crews equipped with rugged handheld computers are far less vulnerable to these hazards. Reliable rugged field computers give project managers and laborers tools to manage and carry out construction tasks more safely and efficiently, while saving time and money.

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Rugged Computers for Agriculture

Agriculture work happens in a wide range of environments. Not only are farm and livestock managers exposed to a variety of temperatures and weather conditions; they also contend with obstacles such as mud and water present challenges for many computers. But jobs regardless need to get done. Handheld customers use our rugged PDAs and tablets to run irrigation systems, track livestock with RFID technology and more.

Rugged Computers for field service

Ultra Rugged Tablets and computers assist field technicians and engineers with a wide variety of tasks- including scheduling, inventory management, data collection, invoicing and communication- thanks to its powerful and sturdy design. It is widely used in HVAC, Public Utilities, Maintenance and Repair and Telecommunications.

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Rugged computers for Waste Management

Any waste management operator large or small, public works or private company has similar concerns; efficient operations, cost control and customer service. Being successful means addressing crucial elements of operations like process improvements, route optimization, fleet operation and internal communications. all these facets can be improved with digital technology.

Rugged Computers for Road and Railways

Railway services pretty much define the term “challenging work environment.” Transportation systems go everywhere – all kinds of terrain, sometimes miles from anywhere, operating in every environment, climate and season. This is no place for smartphones or consumer-grade PDAs or tablets; the only tool that makes sense is one that can handle the rigors of work in the field.

Ruggedized handhelds are built to take the punishment of the variable conditions where rail and railway infrastructure exists. They meet military standards for withstanding drops, vibration, and exposure to dust and water. They can operate in temperature extremes, stand up to rain, snow, wind and sun, and work all day.


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Rugged Computers for Public Safety

New technology solutions, including rugged computers and mobile applications, are currently improving countless aspects of fieldwork within industries such as public safety, law enforcement and EMS. These advanced solutions have greatly enhanced public safety agents’ ability to perform in time-critical situations and in unfavorable environments.
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Rugged Computers for Public Transport

Rugged mobile computers can be used in public transportation for a number of purposes. Public conductors taking cash or electronic payments, bus drivers following complicated or changing routes, and municipal mechanics using diagnostic tools and referencing trouble-shooting manuals — these are only a few examples of how rugged mobile computers are making work easier and more productive for employees in the world of public transportation.

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