Model RX 70-40 4.000 7.180 21 Download RX 70-40 T 4.000 7.180 21 Download RX 70-45 4.500 7.180 21 Download RX 70-45 T 4.500 7.180 21 Download RX 70-50 4.999 7.180 21 Download RX 70-50 T 4.999 7.180 21 Download RX 70-50/600 5.000 6.880 21 Download RX 70-50/600 T 5.000 6.880 21 Download Maximum  capacity*  (kg) Maximum  lift height  (mm) Travel speed  (km/h) Data Sheet-  Download** RX 70-40/50 - the rule for efficiency Drive     Diesel-electric drive with hybrid technology     Diesel/LPG engine with directly connected rotary current generator     Drive axle with capsulated rotary current drive motor for high torque moment at low     motor speed, temperature independent     Wear free, oil immersed lamella-type brake     Compact design and extreme agility combined with sensitive drive and lift control for     optimum work performance Ergonomics     Large workspace for the driver with high comfort due to optimum arrangement of     controls and individual adaptation of the cabin     Excellent visibility to all sides Safety     Low centre of gravity and free floating steering axle for maximum stability     Outstanding driving stability when cornering – no need for electronic assistants     High residual capacities also for large lift heights Economy     Low operation costs due to low fuel costs in all work cycles and long maintenance     intervals     Optimum tuning of drive and hydraulic controls for maximum performance or best     efficiency     STILL ProActive – reduced downtimes, fast fault detection, transmission of error codes     to the STILL service centre Environment     Lowest CO2 emission     Exhaust gasses of the engines are far below the limit values required by EU non-road         directive 97/68/EG (2004/26/EG) EU level 3b/EPA Tier 4i Service     Shortest maintenance interval 1 000 hours of operation     Fast fault identification in case of damage by computer assisted diagnostics     Optimum service access thanks to large access holes at the sides © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.