FU-X/ FS-X Lift: up to 1200 mm Loading: up to 3300 kg SU Lift: up to 120 mm Loading: up to 2000 kg EXU-S Lift: up to 130 mm Loading: up to 2400 kg © Copyright 2013 multitechcompany.com. All rights reserved. Not only does STILL provide class-leading order picker/stacker trucks, but pedestrian low-lift pallet trucks as well.  Our low lift pallet trucks take their load and lift it clear of the floor for transport For pedestrian operation the low lift pallet trucks are tiller controlled. Want the driver to ride on the truck? No problem! For rider operation there are low lift pallet trucks with a side seat or driver's stand on platform. EXU / EXU-H Lift: up to 675 mm Loading: up to 2200 kg ESU-SF Lift: up to 130 mm Loading: up to 2000 kg ECU / ECU-SF Lift: up to 135 mm Loading: up to 3000 kg