Model FM-X 10 1.000 7.000 12 48 Download FM-X 10N 1.000 7.000 12 48 Download FM-X 12 1.200 7.000 14 48 Download FM-X 12N 1.200 7.000 14 48 Download FM-X 14 1.400 9.800 14 48 Download FM-X 14N 1.400 9.800 14 48 Download FM-X 17 1.700 11.525 14 48 Download FM-X 17N 1.700 10.200 14 48 Download FM-X 20 2.000 11.525 14 48 Download FM-X 20N 2.000 12.000 14 48 Download FM-X 25 2.500 11.400 14 48 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum  lift height (mm) Travel speed  (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download** Convincing: The detail and the whole. The FM-X is convincing due to its outstanding economy - extremely high quality and advanced technology. Every look at the detail reveals the benefits of the new reach truck - starting with the new more powerful drives through the braking system with energy recovery and the long servicing intervals (every 1000 operating hours) right up to the hydraulically damped driver’s compartment. Thus the FM-X is the best choice, not only on operational economic grounds, but is also a real asset in day-to-day use. Better braking: energy recovery. The intelligent energy recovery during the braking process is typical of electric forklift trucks from STILL. When braking, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy by a generator and fed back into the battery. The triple braking system is just as exemplary: immediately the accelerator pedal is released, the generator brake becomes active ("foot- off-the-gas brake"). If the driver operates the brake pedal the generator braking effect is boosted and if it is operated further is backed up by a hydraulic load wheel brake. Maximum safety for efficient working. The new drives: powerful, clean and quick. Powerful, and at the same time sensitive, driving away under load, higher acceleration and an improved performance when shifting pallets characterise the new maintenance- free drives. Thanks to the maximum speed being increased to 14 km/h, even longer runs can be quickly and efficiently conquered. Particularly practical: the motors are not only optimally protected against dirt, dust and moisture by being completely enclosed but are also arranged for particularly easy servicing. All components are quickly and easily accessible once the covers are removed. Highlights     Impressive: The detail and the whole thing     Excellent economy, high quality and advanced technology     Better brakes: intelligent energy recovery     The new drives: Strong, fast and clean © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.