Model FM-SE 14 1.400 6.955 12.5 48 Download FM-SE 16 1.600 6.955 12.5 48 Download FM-SE 20 2.000 7.455 12.5 48 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum  lift height (mm) Travel speed  (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download** The requirement: Greater effectiveness in narrow warehouse areas with uneven floors. The solution for an extended range of use: an SE tyred moving mast reach truck for combined indoor and outdoor use. Flexible: The Application. Individual application options thanks to SE tyres and large tyre diameter. Large floor clearance and superb traction allow individual use even on uneven and slippery floors. Short construction and moving mast reach principle for optimal warehouse utilisation. Weather protection cabs provide the best possible protection and safety in outdoor use. Sensitive: operation. Four individual fingertip control levers for easy control of all hydraulic functions. Full electric 180° steering for easy, safe positioning. Proportional valve technology for especially quiet, quick and sensitive movement processes for a high turnaround of goods. Noise-optimised pump and motor unit. Ergonomic: the driver‘s compartment. Roomy driver‘s compartment with adjustable controls. Clear display to show all operating states. uxury seat with adjustable height and lumbar adjustment. An open step, visible from above, allows trouble-free entry and exit. Individual storage facilities. Great safety due to optimised visibility of drivers‘ overhead guard and the best all-round vision. Safe: the braking system. Maintenance-free regenerative braking system with energy recovery and high efficiency. Greatest safety due to absolutely reliable redundant braking system. Electromagnetic brake as an emergency stop and parking brake. Powerful: The maintenance-free drive. The 3-phase, maintenance-free drive motor provides energy recovery under braking, powerful acceleration and safe deceleration. Clear view: The mast. Triplex clear view mast with free lift and high rigidity for universal use. Mast tilt and fork sideshift as standard. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.