Model EXU 16 1.600 125.000 6 24 Download EXU 18 1.800 125.000 6 24 Download EXU 22 2.200 125.000 6 24 Download EXU 20 2.000 125.000 6 24 Download EXU-H 18 1.800 675.000 6 24 Download EXU-H 20 2.000 675.000 6 24 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum  lift height (mm) Travel speed  (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download** EXU - Flexible and Energy saving. Thanks to its versatility, reliability and efficiency, the new EXU low lift pallet truck from STILL offers customers the right solution for every application. Being easy and safe to use for the operator was a focal point in its development, as was the compact build. This allows it to be used even in the tightest spaces, for example, when loading and unloading lorries, in narrow warehouses, or in business operations. Together with a highly energy efficient 3-phase drive and the wide range of options, the EXU is thus the ideal low lift pallet truck for intralogistics tasks in industry, trade and logistics. The EXU is available in capacities of 1600 kg, 1800 kg, 2000 kg and 2200 kg. A hinged platform is also available as an option. EXZ-H: Multi-Talent with Order Picking Lift The EXU-H pedestrian low lift pallet truck is the ideal working unit for chains of shops, discount outlets and supermarkets. The EXU-H can manage several functions equally well: From filling sales racking - where the order picker reduces the employee's workload - through horizontal transportation - up to loading and unloading lorries. The rated load is up to 2000 kg or 800 kg at maximum fork lift. Another very practical feature is the integration of a storage facility and writing surface into the battery lid. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.