RX 60 3,5- 5,0 t Lift: up to 7180 mm Loading: up to 4999 kg RX 60 2,5- 3,5 t Lift: up to 7780 mm Loading: up to 3500 kg RX 60 1,6- 2,0 t Lift: up to 7915 mm Loading: up to 2000 kg RX 20 1,4 - 2,0 t Lift: up to 7915 mm Loading: up to 2000 kg © Copyright 2013 multitechcompany.com. All rights reserved. Electric forklift trucks from STILL are No. 1 wherever noise reduction and freedom from exhaust gas pollution are priorities. What's more, STILL's electric trucks are highly reliable, tough and very economical. Robust, powerful traction batteries with a high storage capacity and long service life provide ample energy for an 8 hour shift. In addition, the electric trucks from STILL offer a high level of working safety, comfort and functionality. For example, the driver has a free choice of driving characteristics on the RX 20,  RX 60 and RX 50 setting completely new standards in the electric truck field. RX 50 1,0- 1,6 t Lift: up to 6070 mm Loading: up to 1600 kg